Dear partners,

With the following we would like to present to your attention an updated version 4.0 of the Balkan Gas Hub EAD Trading Platform Market Rules and all annexes thereto, approved by the company’s Board of Directors.

The actualization of the Trading Platform Market Rules introduces amendments and updates to the previous version, as follows:

·      Implementation of the functionality for data reporting to ACER and generation of reportable files, and accordingly provision of Agreements for the use of the different types of services offered, in accordance with the obligations pursuant to the provisions of Regulation (EU) № 1227/2011 and Implementing Regulation (ЕС) № 1348/2014;

·      In cooperation with Bulgartransgaz EAD we have developed General Terms and Conditions to the BGH Trading Platform Market Rules with the participation of Bulgartransgaz (Annex 5 to the Market Rules), where the terms under which the TSO may be a party to deals with short-term standardized products for balancing purposes are regulated, in accordance with the provisions of art. 6 and art. 9 of Regulation (EU) № 312/2014, as well as concluding deals with natural gas for technological needs. According to the General Terms and Conditions with the participation of Bulgartransgaz on the BGH Trading Platform, each trading member who wishes to trade with the TSO must establish a deposit in favour of Bulgartransgaz EAD to Bulgartransgaz’s bank account;

·         Optimization of services:

ü  Trading hours for long-term products (week, month, quarter, year) are extended from 10:00 ч. – 16:00 h to 09:00 17:00 h from Monday to Friday;

ü  The time window for amendment of daily quantities for long-term contracts via the Contract Management functionality of your individual profiles on the Balkan Gas Hub website is extended and will be available until 24.00 h of the given day, and the limit of the possible maximum amendment of the daily average quantity is extended from up to two times the daily average to up to three times the daily average;

ü  An option for concluding deals with Operators of production facilities is introduced;

·         Texts on registration and administration of contracts on the bilateral non-anonymous segment and brokering services, offered by BGH, have been supplemented;

·         The terms of payment of applicable fees are presented in detail, including one-off registration fees, monthly fees, fees for additional screens and transaction fees;

·         Other editorial amendments.

The updated Trading Platform Market Rules of Balkan Gas Hub EAD and the Annexes thereto are published in the “Products and services”, “Rulebook” section

From the Balkan Gas Hub EAD Managment