Balkan Gas Hub took part in the 2nd Joint Steering Committee of the South-East European Gas (SEEGAS) Initiative

In the period 16-17th of December the 2nd Joint Steering Committee of the South-East European Gas (SEEGAS) Initiative was held with the participation of the Energy Community and the representatives of Balkan Gas Hub EAD - Bulgaria, Bursa Română de Mărfuri - Romania, Central and Eastern European Gas Exchange - Hungary, Hellenic Energy Exchange - Greece, Towarowa Giełda Energii - Poland, Ukrainian Energy Exchange, EEX Central European Gas Hub - Austria (observer) and TSOs.

The SEEGAS Initiative, launched by the Energy Community Secretariat (“ECS”) in December 2020, is a response to stakeholders’ increasing interest to improve cross-border trading and towards the development of a common regional post-trade framework in Southern and Eastern Europe. It also aims to support the energy transition and facilitate cross-border trading in energy markets between Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Ukraine.

During the 2nd Joint Steering Committee the Counterparties agreed to request technical assistance from the EBRD for the development of a joint regional energy market post-trade framework in order to support the implementation of this joint initiative. The technical assistance will include analysis of various practices on energy clearing, options for the standardisation of regulatory frameworks and options for the target operating model.

The meeting was followed by the publication of SEEGAS-markets report by the Energy Community which can be found here:

Balkan Gas Hub Team